Tips to Save on Car Maintenance

Tips to Save on Car Maintenance

Keep your car protected and dry

Need some tips to save on car maintenance? Keep your car or truck in tip top shape by keeping it in the garage or putting a cover on it. Keeping it out of the harsh weather will keep it looking beautiful and will help out your wallet as well. By not keeping your car dry and toasty this is what happens…


“Starting a cold engine is when the bulk of its wear occurs. That’s in part because all the oil is sitting at the bottom, rather than distributed around the parts that move. But also, when your engine runs and doesn’t get warm, the byproducts of combustion, including water, collect in the oil and can over time turn it into a noxious sludge that attacks the motor from the inside. On a longer trip, your car’s engine gets hot and the water is boiled out of the oil and the engine—no worries there. So: avoid short trips when you can—especially the short and pointless ones. ” – from – Auto


Basically moral of the story is to put your car in the garage in the first place to avoid engine wear down.

Oil Changes and Your Local Mechanics

Even though engine oil has evolved, you still can’t ignore getting oil changed every 3000-4000 miles. Oil is your engines life blood in the sense that it needs to be changed often along with the oil filter. Quality oil and a quality oil filter is key for your engine’s maintenance. To find that quality oil and oil filters, you have to find a great local mechanic. It’s key to be friends with your mechanic and make sure they will remember you when you come through those doors. and Dick Adams Automotive is here to help you. We are a great friendly auto shop that comes with great service and fair prices.

It’s okay to buy regular gas

Here’s a big tip that will help you save on car maintenance. Not every car in the world needs premium gas. It’s cheaper for you in the long run, especially at the pump. With today’s gas prices this is one of the biggest things to remember. The only exception I can think of is if your car is turbo-charged/supercharged and requires super or premium.

Benefits on keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure

It’s very important for you to keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure. Very important! Having low pressure in your tires can cause premature tire failure because of the force on the sidewalls. That in turn causes internal heat in the tire. Along with premature tire failure, low pressured tires can cause you to lose out on your fuel. Here’s some quick facts about proper pressure that influences tread wear.


“Maintaining proper tire pressure levels improves tread mileage as indicated below:

  • A continuous 10% over-inflation reduces tread wear by 5%
  • Tire Life will be reduced by 30% if constantly under-inflated by 20%
  • For every 10 PSI (pounds per square inch) under-inflated, fuel consumption is increased 0.5%
  • A continuous 20% under-inflation decreases tread wear by 25%” – Tire Safety

Lights on your dash

Whenever a light turns on your dash, you mustn’t ignore it. If you’re driving and this happens, find a safe place to pull over and turn off your engine. Check your manual to see what the manual says about the light that just came up on your dash. You never know what you can prevent by addressing the immediately. Is it one that could possibly do harm to you or your car, call your local mechanic and get it thoroughly checked out. Here at Dick Adams Automotive we have a free towing service in Salinas to help you out with your car troubles.

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