Belts and Hoses

Heat exposure, vibration, and contamination make your vehicles belts and hoses wear out faster than any other part. That’s why regular inspections are important. Here are the belts and hoses types and how they are used:

Accessory drive belts

Some accessories are powered electrically by the charging systems others use the engine as a power source. Here is an example of these accessories:

Water pump used for engine cooling
Power steering pump
Air conditioning compressor
Radiator cooling fan

Late models use single serpentine belt, instead of individual belts to run accessories.


Hoses in your vehicle carry fluid. They are made of two rubber layers with fabric in between. Here is an example of these hoses:

Radiator and heater hoses-transports coolant to the engine and heater core

Fuel hose- transports gasoline from tank to engine

Power steering hose- connects power steering pump to steering gear