Fuel Injector Cleaning At Dick Adams Automotive In Salinas

Need A Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Something we hear quite frequently from Salinas drivers is that their gas mileage is down and their family car just doesn’t have the pep it used to. When that happens, one of the things we look for is clogged fuel injectors.

The engine management computer tells your fuel injectors exactly when to squirt fuel into your family car engine. It is critical that clean fuel injectors spray the right amount of gasoline or diesel fuel in a nice, specific spray pattern. A dirty injector can’t spray enough fuel and it comes out in an uneven, weak pattern.

When Salinas drivers’ fuel injectors are dirty or clogged, the fuel just can’t burn as efficiently, which causes gas mileage to drop. And your family car engine can’t make as much power.

Fuel Injector CleaningFuel injectors just get dirty over time. Gas and diesel fuel cause varnish and gum to build up in your fuel injectors, especially if you buy bargain gas in Salinas. If your fuel injectors get too dirty, they can be damaged and need to be replaced – which can be pretty expensive.

The good news is that a professional fuel injector cleaning at Dick Adams Automotive in Salinas can get all that gunk out of your injectors. They’ll be able to spray the right amount of fuel, at exactly the right time, and in the right spray pattern. Your gas mileage will be restored in Salinas along with your family car engine performance. Fuel injectors are cleaned as part of a comprehensive fuel system cleaning that includes the induction system (throttle plates, intake manifold, idle air by-pass passages and, if applicable, the mass airflow sensor).

So ask your knowledgeable service specialist about fuel injector cleaning in Salinas at Dick Adams Automotive to get your engine running like new.

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